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Dr. Ray Alexander joins us to discuss the education, specialization, effectiveness, comprehensive evaluation and identification surrounding chiropractic care.

We are the specialists when it comes to spine related pain, lower back and neck.

Reasons for increase in popularity of chiropractic?

Public is more informed with internet statistics, studies and reviews. In the past treatment has consisted of pain management pharmaceuticals, this has failed and chiropractic is known to be the most effective.

What is the treatment process like when going to a chiropractor?

The objective here is to address being consistent, re-evaluating throughout treatment, making changes to treatment as the patient changes and progresses.

Besides the obvious, why does a chiropractor use x-rays?

Primarily the x-rays are used to identify structural integrity, visualize spinal alignment and assist with making proper treatment decisions. What we see a lot of are congenital anomalies of the spine hips and pelvis, lesions or tumors that need further investigation so this involves an MRI or CT and a referral to a specialist. This assists in the identification of problems that can and have saved lives.

Speaking of saving lives, what are some things that people can do on their own to prevent injuring themselves?

Here we can talk about the many things that cause the most common problems that usually accumulate over time. Posture with sitting, standing, sleeping, technology, bad habits like reading curled up on the couch or chair, gaming, sleeping on your stomach, old mattresses, old broken down chairs. Spinal problems increased significantly during COVID because many people were forced to work at home and use very uncomfortable furniture for make-shift desks which emphasized poor posture and poor ergonomics and exacerbated problems they already had or created new ones.

I know that chiropractic is great for treating back and neck pain but what are some other things you treat in your clinic?

We see a variety of problems that usually are associated with spinal problems, knee, ankle, hip, jaw or tmj, shoulder, wrist, carpal tunnel, etc.

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