Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

It’s a scene you wont want to miss. Nearly 500,000 sunflowers are blooming at Clearview Farm’s 25 acre sunflower field in Champaign.

Farmers planted the flowers on May 1 and things are looking good.

“We had an incredible germination this year,” says Jim Goss, Vice President of Farms for The Atkins Group, who developed the property. “Perfect weather so… everything looks great.”

Goss says he expects that 90% of the flowers in the field will be blooming by the end of the weekend.

But this isn’t just a field.

It’s a maze too.

“The maze is actually patterned after the barn in our logo,” says Goss as he points to the image on his Clearview Farm T-shirt.

Goss estimates the maze takes about 30 minutes to get through from start to finish, but he says it could take longer if visitors stop to take pictures.

That is the idea, after all.

“We planted this for the community to come out and enjoy,” says Goss. “Last year during the pandemic when [The Atkins Group] planted the sunflowers at Stone Creek they were a huge hit. We had all kinds of Instagram posts, all kinds of Facebook posts, handwritten thank you notes… and it really spurred the idea for what now is Clearview Farm.”

The maze is free to enter.

Depending on the weather, the sunflowers could last through the beginning of August. The farm plans to harvest the flowers for birdseed come late August.


Clearview Farm
3501 N. Mattis Ave. Champaign, IL 61822

To find the sunflower field, head around the Legacy Ave loop off of Olympian Drive W. In the image below, the sunflower field is marked yellow.

For the full field map, click HERE.