Champaign Ladies Amateur Wresters

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You may have heard the saying “I didn’t know my own strength”.

The same can be said for a group of women that prepare to claw their way to make a difference.  Happening in your community, Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling.  Joanna Troutman, The Slice and Julia Pollack, Lil’ Calzonie share more about their upcoming event.

After nearly a year off, CLAW is back in action! Our burst of motivation is largely in part to raise money for nonprofit, social services that primarily serve women and are suffering due to funding cuts from the state and federal governments. CLAW recently participated in a fundraising event for Planned Parenthood at The Accord that raised over $10,000! (more info about that event here:

CLAW’s next big show is April 7th at The Canopy Club with Kowabunga Kid!, Tara Terra, and DJ Meggie MaRu. All proceeds go to R.A.C.E.S ( It’s CLAW’s first show at The Canopy Club, and they hope the larger venue will be more comfortable and provide better visibility for our fans. CLAW has four new wrestlers and all new matchups. It should be an action-packed and fun night for an amazing cause!


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