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Filters are probably the most neglected thing in your home. You can save nearly $20K in 20 years simply by choosing the correct filter and replacing it often. Ray Hughes, owner of Champaign County Heating Cooling does it all by himself, from the phone and the install to the repair etc.

Here’s more from Ray:

I help people with comfort my logo is my alter ego Mr. Comfort. You have the blazing hot rays of the sun surrounding you on the one side and the bitter cold snowflakes trying to get to you on the other side. But in the middle is Mr. Comfort. He has a temperature thermometer on his head and knows exactly what temperature you like it, able to use his superpowers to make sure your solid HVAC system is up to the task or able to find the right solution for you getting you the new system that will pay for itself in 8 years!

The rating of your new system is only half the battle! People get mislead by that and become fixated on the silliest of things. The furnace or AC unit is just the heart of the system. Without the rest of it balanced what I like to call the arms and the legs. Even the most expensive unit is pointless. Also when we replace the heart you want the correct size one. You would not except a birds heart to pump the right amount of blood to a tiger?

Comfort is never being hot never being cold, not knowing if your system is running or not. When you no longer think about your surroundings you are comfortable.

People are most surprised by how much time I spend on everything I do. I do Predictive Maintenance. I am the only business or person I know that uses that term. To me it is everything. All the difference in the world. As I will look over your system maintenance and the required parts and take measurements, make observations, and let you know the chances of your system making it through this season, the parts that are most likely to fail. Rather or not it is costing you more to run than getting a new system. I may bring my mathematical formula with me.

I have the $89 service diagnostic fee. This means I will come to your home and find the problem or problems with your unit and give you a total cost of repair, or reach a repaired total that exceeds the limit of what should be invested in that system for $89. I have also fixed over 6 units in the last week for just the $89. Its a great way to get a second opinion as well.

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