Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

The Nurse Honor Guard was started in 2017 with a focus being around Florence Nightingale, who is credited with founding modern nursing.
• Nurses recite the Nightingale pledge when they officially become a nurse. They bring a compassion for others to life every day, even when they are not on duty. Also, nurses forge special bonds with one another because of the work they do. This offers an opportunity for nurses to come together and reflect not only on the person who passed but also on the importance of the profession.
• Nurses read the Florence Nightingale nurse tribute or recite the Final Call to Duty pledge while holding a Florence Nightingale lamp, which is a symbol of devotion and kindness for those in the nursing profession.

We work with the family’s wishes and within traditional or non-traditional ceremonies to honor the nurse’s lasting contribution.
• A member of the NHG leadership team will contact the family to discuss how the service will be conducted.
• Immediate family will be provided with a copy of the NHG reading and a recognition of service pin.
• For those who volunteer, the time commitment is minimal, about 20 minutes at each event.

Families know well the dedication and sacrifices made by a nurse and they are very appreciative to honor the service of the nurse in their family. Offers some level of peace for the family.
• For those who volunteer, it is a fulfilling way to reflect on the chosen profession while honoring someone in their ranks whose life was devoted to the Nightingale oath.

This is not just by and for Carle nurses. Any nurse can volunteer to be part of the group. Any family can request a Nurse Honor Guard.
Contact Faith Community Health at (217) 902 3160 or nursehonorguard@carle.com