Dr. John “Jack” Dybis, D.O.,Medical Director at IVme Wellness + Performance, along with a patient, share how IV Hydration can help you get that summer glow!

IV hydration is a secret of the stars for getting that summer glow on
If you follow the celebrity world, you’ve heard that Kate Moss, Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen are fans of IV hydration. With summertime in Champaign, we thought we’d share the secret of the stars for getting your summer glow on, and looking and feeling your best all season long.

About IVme:
IVme Wellness + Performance at Village Green is Champaign’s premier functional medical center. The team at IVme is committed to helping you take control of your health with personalized health and beauty restorative treatments including: IV hydration and vitamin drips, advanced hormone replacement therapy, aesthetics, weight loss and vitamin shots.

Since the business launched in 2012, the team has continued to demonstrate their unrelenting commitment to helping people through exceptionally trained medical staff, an expanding menu of elective medical treatments, and superior customer service. IVme operates three centers: Village Green in Champaign, Old Town in Chicago, and River North in Chicago.

It’s no secret that proper hydration is essential to healthy looking skin. What you may not know is that IV hydration can safely and quickly restore your natural skin glow, improve the shine of your hair, and leave you looking and feeling radiant. IVme’s Beauty IV includes fluids and essential vitamins and minerals including the anti-aging warrior, glutathione, biotin, and vitamin C.

• Restore hydration
• Brighten skin
• Improve hair shine
• Strengthen nails
• Boost energy

What is IV hydration therapy? IV, or intravenous hydration therapy is a medical treatment that delivers fluids directly into a vein by way of a needle, tube, and bag of fluids. It’s the fastest way to deliver fluid replacement throughout the body. Chances are pretty high that you have either experienced an IV or know someone who has, and witnessed how quickly IVs help a person bounce back and feel great. That’s the benefit of IV hydration therapy: it is the fastest way to restore your body’s fluid levels and get you feeling back to yourself.

Is IV Hydration Safe? Yes, IV hydration at IVme Wellness + Performance is safe. Our IVme staff is made up of former and active hospital doctors, nurses and medics. Our patients’ health, safety and comfort matter most to our team. While IV hydration is a minimally invasive procedure, it still requires the knowledge of experienced experts who know a) how to assess a patient’s vitals and health history to make sure an IV is the best form of treatment, and b) the best procedures and protocols for administering IVs safely and with minimal discomfort.

Who is visiting IVme for the Beauty IV? People wanting to glam it up before a special event such as an anniversary, reunion, gala, wedding or vacation.

For a first-timer visiting IVme for this treatment, what kind of experience should they expect? Our aim is to provide a relaxing and friendly environment to our customers. Everyone who walks into IVme is choosing to improve their health. That makes for a very happy atmosphere. Being surrounded by people who are choosing to improve their health and wellness is what fuels our team.

When you come to IVme, you’ll meet with our medical staff to discuss the reason for your visit, and complete a brief health assessment. Once we’ve determined your treatment and that you’re a candidate for an IV, a registered nurse or certified medic will administer your IV and then get you situated in one of our beautiful patient rooms, with comfortable chaise lounges. We offer both private rooms and small group rooms.

A benefit of getting IV treatments vs. drinking water and orally taking vitamins is that the fluids and nutrients your body craves go directly into your bloodstream which means you start looking and feeling better almost immediately.

IVme is currently offering 25% off the Beauty IV through September 1, 2019

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