Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Joe and Ralph Tomato, the Flying Tomato Brothers, join us with their famous baby stuffed pizza!

Here’s more from Garcia’s Pizza in a Pan:

Famous since 1971 of bringing Pan pizza by the slice to the Midwest. Cooked fresh to order in just 2 minutes from our drive through window.
Famous since 1980 for bringing stuffed pizza to Champaign/Urbana (39 years!)

Flying Ralph and Joe’s 80,000 cubic foot Flying Tomato hot- air balloon, the first special shaped balloon ever licensed in America!

We will bring our unique and exclusive baby stuffed pizza, sold weekdays for lunch, but soon to be offered 7 days a week, ’round the clock. It’s a way for an individual to sample a stuffed pizza for one before buying a big on for 3 or 4.

Since 1971 our customers have had a choice of white or whole wheat crust for no extra charge on our thick crust Pan pizza.

Pizza by the slice at our drive through window, baby stuffed pizza, whole wheat crust, slices cooked from fresh in 2 minutes.

Garcia’s Pizza in a Pan
Po box 6785. Champaign, Illinois. 61826