Avid Cyclists Racks up 6,500 Miles in Capitol City


Except for the fact that it is the middle of winter, nothing would seem unusual about Bill Kienzler riding his bike down the streets of Springfield on a weekday morning. However, if you take a look at the small odometer affixed on the handlebars of his bike, you quickly begin to realize that Kienzler is far from your average cyclist.

“They tell me I’m crazy! Seriously, they tell me I am nuts.” Jokes Kienzler

Kienzler has racked up more than 6,500 miles on his red Trek bike in just the past few years.  Virtually all of the miles he has ridden have been within Springfield city limits, meaning he has had an opportunity to see all parts of the city and gain a unique appreciation for the city he calls home.

“I can see more sites, more of the city than they can with their cars because they have to stop, have to buy groceries and stuff and I don’t have to do anything of the sort.” Says Kienzler

Kienzler does not drive, so for decades riding his bike has been his primary mode of transportation. The same is true for his twin brother, who is also often seen riding all around the capitol city. While Kienzler says he feels honored to be a well known cyclist in the area, he wants to remind drivers to always be mindful of bikes and to look out for the safety of cyclists. 

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