Archeophone Records: Preserving Early Sound Recordings


A Champaign-based record company is taking a unique approach when it comes to selling albums. While most record producers are concerned with finding the latest and greatest artist, Richard Martin and Meagan Hennesey are focused on finding long lost recordings from more than a century ago. 

It is a unique mission that has led the couple to form Archeophone Records, which has won a Grammy for their work to restore and preserve historic recordings. They focus on the early analog recording era, which lasted from the 1880s through early 1920s. 

“Nobody else was covering the material, it was basically dead to the world, and would be because nobody else is covering this chapter of American history.” says Richard Martin. 

ciLiving Storyteller Ryan Burk explores how Archeophone has worked to preserve this material and why they hope demand for these type of recordings grows in the future. 

For more information about Archeophone Records, you can visit their website. 

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