Savoy, Ill. (WCIA)

At Body n’ Sole Sports, we work with doctors and trainers to help with pain problems due to foot issues from high arches to flat feet, causing feet, ankle, knee or hip problems. We have specific knowledge of athletic footwear as related to knee, feet, ankle issues. We offer a Free Gait Analysis to determine proper footwear.
Body n’ Sole has offered this service for 43 years in business. We show how the foot will work in different types of shoes over-pronation or under-pronation.

We inform each client/ customer of the possible footwear that will work for their needs
whether they run, walk, or even for work. Our goal is to make sure they have the proper shoe for their needs.

Our Annual Tent Sale – July 27th-31st, 2022
20% – 40% Off

Body n’ Sole Sports
1317 Dunlap Ave.
Savoy, Illinois 61874