Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

We are a community that has a special focus for memory care in our area. We would like to highlight our dementia live program, it helps to give perspective to what it is like to live with dementia.
We would like to cover our respite stay program. We offer respite to families from 1 day- 90 days. Special rates taking place currently.

We are experts in caring for dementia patients, from handling behaviors to special focus programming.
We most often get asked “what happens to our loved one if they decline?’ do they have to move.
No- We are dedicated to our residents and offering a age in place approach.
We are private pay, but have several resources to help families find benefits through financial solutions.

We offer programming for all stages of memory care. From early diagnosis to advanced end of life care.

We would like to put one of you through the dementia live program. We will put headphones on you, gloves, and goggles. You will be given a list of activities to accomplish while wearing all of this.
science shows this is an effective e way to show what daily life with dementia is like.

We stand out as one of the few stand alone memory care communities in our area. All of our staff are trained in dementia care.
We take a non corrective approach- realizing that we work in their world.
We are able to offer redirection to residents who may have behaviors, our community is designed to ensure safety and spaces to either be alone or interact as desired.

We are starting our respite program; most communities offer a respite stay of at least 30 days.
We offer respite from day 1-90 with no obligations after that. Knowing your family member is being not only cared for but loved and engaged with means that as a caregiver – you can take that long overdue vacation, travel to see family or even enjoy a weekend at home caring for yourself.