Advanced Multipurpose Patient Simulator


Matt and Heather talk to Dr. Kurt Bloomstrand, Bob Holloway, and Les Mennenga about the HAL, Advanced Multipurpose Patient Simulator.

HAL is manufactured by Gaumard. We have taken this technology along with others and we are making it completely mobile in a retired ambulance. Simulation Training can be taken out to our affiliated Fire and EMS departments. Many locations have this type of technology, but it is stationary in a room, and personnel would have to travel to their location for training. Also, part of the simulation training is using the Gaumard high fidelity CPR trainers and a tablet technology called iSimulate. The iSimulate technology is a monitor simulator using tablets (an instructor and a student) to simulate a cardiac monitor. This unit has all the cables and wires that a real cardiac monitor would have. It can be used on real people that volunteer to help with training and we as instructors can change what the student sees on the monitor.

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