Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

VIDA Bottega is a 3M authorized dealer where the staff is well trained to apply any of their 3M films to include window film, vinyl film and paint protection film.

Here’s more from VIDA Bottega:

All of our films have the well-known 3M Scotchgard technology (same adhesive system for tape and command strips etc), and we offer 10 years warranty. We install vinyl and window film/tint in commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels and front stores. We also install at home/houses since it’s a good alternative for safety, privacy and energy savings. We are veteran owned and we are bi-lingual.

I help people with being unique as we provide custom design for full or partial color changes.
I help businesses with logo design and custom designs for their fleet, so they are able to turn their vehicles into drivable billboards for a bigger return of investment. We also help their front stores look attractive to the eye and also use them to provide information at a glance about the services provided with vinyl graphics or full perforated vinyl.

We provide affordable high-quality services and warranty that provide armour to your investments (vehicles or real estate) and also help you save money reducing the costs (examples–less time detailing since the ceramic coating service helps with hydrophobicity; less money spent in marketing since our printed commercial vinyl has about 7 years of life with an extended longevity up to 10 years after the ceramic coating application: longevity of the vehicles value and manufacturer paint by adding the paint protection film; saving in gas money by adding window tint that helps keep the car cooler during the winter and warmer during the summer.

People should know we are trained and certified to perform any of our services and sponsored by a fortune 500 company of products made in America (3M). We are veteran owned, we speak Spanish and we offer 10% off our services to any military member and first responders.
They also should know we wrapped the Oberheim tribute vehicle–Champaign Police Dept.

VIDA Bottega
1912 Moreland Blvd
Champaign IL 61822