A Passion for Beekeeping


When it comes to beekeeping, it’s a hobby that is always keeping people busy. For Scott Carter of Moweaqua, its about much more than just putting honey in a bottle. Before he ever gets a chance to trim down the honey combs and put them into an extractor, he has to first go out and collect the honey from hives.

“I put the boxes together with foundation, set them on the hive, at a certain time of the year, the bees do their job in the spring and in the summer then we go and harvest that honey as we see today.” Says Carter.

For nearly a decade, Carter has been raising bees on a small Shelby County farm and then processing honey himself to sell to local stores and at farmers markets. For him, there is something unbeatable when it comes to local honey.

“The raw honey is what I sell. It is the best that you can get because it is right from the bees. their is no additives, no pressure filter of any kind, its the best you can get.” Says Carter. 

For Carter, getting to see honey go from hive to bottle is a rewarding experience. 

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