Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

A Healthier Halloween:

Remember the WHY behind our decisions – for the sake of our kids’ immunity, mood and health.

Things to talk about before Halloween:
        1.      Make it more than candy — relationships and activities
        2.      Agree on and communicate boundaries beforehand — (appropriate with age/maturity)… talk to the kids about your why!
On Halloween:
        3.      Nutrition in advance. — balancing meals, especially dinner, leading up to trick or treating.
        4.      Walk vs. drive
After the trick-or-treating:
        5.      Stick to the boundaries — a chance to teach moderation + responsibility
        6.      What to do with all that candy? — (switch witch, healthier swaps, toy “trade”, pick out a few favorites for now and a few days ahead then give the rest away)
        7.      Over-indulgence happens — encourage mindfulness. Don’t overreact. And don’t let one bad evening of candy turn into a habit of candy.

For more tips on family wellness: @wellwithfamily!