A/C Maintenance with Lanz


Majority of heating & cooling issues and breakdowns are due to neglect and lack of proper maintenance. A clean system will operate more efficiently, promotes healthy clean air, cost less to operate and guards against unexpected failure.

After lack of maintenance, most common issue is airflow (changing filter saves 5-15% on costs)

2nd most common AC issue is incorrect refrigerant level.

According to a University of Texas A&M study, “90% of AC systems are mischarged by 10%”

A Department of Energy study found “74% are mischarged by 20%”

At Lanz, we test refrigerant charge with gauges and test airflow as a part of maintenance….quality control to ensure correct function, operation and longevity.

We have the following people in place to ensure quality:


1) Technical Development Advisor–for service techs to ensure quality controls, protocols and latest training to make sure each technician is being developed to deliver Lanz Quality on every call

2) Final Touch Technician–for installer teams to make sure start-up was done correctly and all processes and protocols are checked for accuracy

Both the Technical Development Advisor and Final Touch Tech ensure all Lanz customers get a quality product and 100% satisfied customers.


Perfect time to schedule you Precision Tune-up or consider joining our Lanz Comfort Club. Also, Ameren has a variety of rebates and incentives available as well (Up t0 $650 in incentives on new Higher Efficiency equipment, $150 for ECM motors and $100 for smart t-stats–www.amerenillinoissavings.com

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