“A Bite of France”


U of I Student Chef John Chang shares a recipe from his upcoming Spice Box Dinner.

The theme for the dinner is “A Bite of France”.  To see the full menu and reserve your seat for the dinner on April 5th visit the Spice Box’s website or call 217-333-6520.


Cream cheese 9oz

Greek Yogurt 6.5oz

Heavy cream 3.4 oz

Milk 1.4oz

Sugar 3oz

Gelatin powder 0.3oz


At the beginning, prepare the cream cheese and yogurt mixture.

First, blend cream cheese with sugar in a medium mixing bowl using a spoon to make cream cheese soft.

Second, Add the yogurt to the same bowl and blend it to smooth using the mixer. Make sure the mixture is smooth enough, otherwise it will affect the taste of cheesecake.

Then, prepare the gelatin-milk mixture.

First, mix milk, heavy cream and gelatin powder together in a cup.

Second, put the gelatin-milk mixture into microwave and heat for one minute.

Third, stir the mixture continually using a spoon, make sure the gelatin powder is completely dissolved.

After that, assemble and produce the cheese layer.

First, Pour the gelatin-milk mixture from the cup into the cheese-yogurt mixture, blend completely using the mixer for about 1-2 min.

Second, transfer whole cheese mixture from mixing bowl into the container like wine glasses and cool in the fridge for 4 hours.

Before eating, sprinkle some Oreo crumbles or chocolate syrup evenly on the top for personal flavor.

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