PhotoniCare: Revolutionizing ear disease diagnosis


For over a hundred years, the otoscope has been the standard tool for ear examination, but thanks to new technology, there’s a better option.

The otoscope is basically a penlight and a magnifying glass. There has been no way to see beyond the eardrum into the middle ear without making an incision in the eardrum. Pediatricians and otolaryngologists have had no choice but to make subjective diagnoses based on the appearance of the eardrum, resulting in misdiagnoses of up to 50%. In the search for a solution, there has never been a method to visually assess the markers of infection in the middle ear.

Until ClearView.

Our easy-to-use ClearView device is designed to look and handle like the otoscope. The innovations are inside. There are two optical paths: one for the scan and one for the video of the eardrum surface. Accurate images of the middle ear eliminate subjectivity and guesswork for the first time. A nurse-practitioner, physician’s assistant, or technician could perform the exam. This will free up the ENT specialist’s and make lower-cost, objective early screening possible.

PhotoniCare was founded in 2013 out of a shared passion to make a real impact on the health of children. Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by providing physicians with better diagnostic tools, given that many diagnostic techniques at the front lines of medicine have significant shortcomings.

We started with middle ear infections because of our personal experience with this disease as both parents and patients. Our novel application of OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) revolutionizes the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of the middle ear infections that affect 80% of children.

PhotoniCare has developed a patented platform technology that provides growth opportunities beyond the study of the ear to image other areas such as the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, the skin and the oral cavity.

ClearView is the first non-invasive view of middle ear in 3-D detail.

PhotoniCare is developing a medical imaging device to revolutionize ear disease diagnosis and we need YOUR help! Volunteer subjects wanted at our ongoing study at our Champaign, Illinois lab located inside Enterprise Works, part of Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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