Maria Ludeke, Lead Trainer at Hatha Yoga and Fitness, is back with a workout that will make you sweat!

Here’s more about Hatha:

At Hatha we have both yoga and fitness classes. One of our most popular fitness classes is called HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is fast paced body weight cardio class designed to boost your metabolism and challenge your cardio fitness. Following the format of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest, this class flows though diverse movements that all have low impact modifications. Get ready to sweat!

How do I get in shape fast? Summer is around the corner!

HIIT Workouts essentially deprive your muscles of oxygen (short rest time) creating an elevated heard rate, and boosting your metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout, burning more calories while sitting on the couch! HIIT workouts can be done anywhere, all levels can join, and they can be done in as few as 5 minutes.

We believe that you should approach your fitness with balance making sure you are getting a combination of cardio, strength, stretching, and relaxation. We also carry Lululemon 🙂

We offer 2 weeks of unlimited classes for $28, you can only redeem it once and now is a great time to try as we recently expanded our schedule so there are even more classes!!

Hatha Yoga and Fitness