Carle: Helping Cancer Patients and Survivors


More and more people are surviving cancer—through perseverance and medical advances.

That makes support for survivors even more important. Here to tell us more is social worker, Kimberly Harden with Carle, whose job focuses on helping people with cancer and after cancer.

Surviving cancer is monumental, but the journey doesn’t end when a patient and his or her team beats cancer.

Will you help us understand what cancer survivors often think about—or should think about?
o    Exhaustion, fear
o    Lifestyle changes
o    Staying healthy

What options for support should cancer survivors consider?
o    Oncology team
o    Primary care provider
o    Groups/speakers

How can we help our friends and family members who are still dealing with cancer or learning how to be a cancer survivor?
o    Listen, be there
o    Be encouraging
o    Read their signs
o    Ask what they need

We all are still hoping for a cure but the reality is that sometimes we suffer a loss to cancer. What resources are out there to help someone?
•    Healing After Loss
•    Six week program
•    Group addresses the unique sorrows and next steps caregivers and loved ones face after a death caused by cancer

Why is seeking support so important?
o    Celebration
o    Information 
o    Inspiration
o    Support

Who do you encourage to attend and why?
o    Survivors regardless of where you received treatment
o    See oncology team
o    Marking milestones

Healing After Loss
Starts Sept 4
Call (217) 383-4581

Learn about all support groups at

Carle support groups are open to all regardless of where you receive care

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