Clinton, Ill. (WCIA)

When people hear Christmas in July they panic or are a bit turned off because they don’t want to be hearing about Christmas during the hottest time of the year. But now is the best time to start getting orders together for custom gifts that way you can beat the holiday hubbub!

Think it on a Shirt and T-Candles doesn’t believe you have to do the traditional red and green for Christmas in July, instead we want to make it fun with bright colors that has you thinking of the beach.

Everyone loves the smells of around the holidays! We have some candle smells that give you the Christmas feeling but with a summer vibe. Our peppermint candle is not your typical candle because its bright colors, so you are enjoying the comfort of Christmas !

We also have our popular cupcake candles that look editable but it’s just for burning.

Next, we have our colorful summer door hangers that are inspired by Christmas. Again, we want to make Christmas in July fun and vibrant so when we say Christmas in July, we want you to think summer fun.

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