Champaign mom thanks Crisis Nursery with book drive


Urbana, Ill. (WCIA).

At Crisis Nursery Urbana, a team of women pause for a quick photo.

They unload boxes from a car and move inside.

At the nursery, the group rummages through hundreds of children’s books–all donated as a way to say thank you.

Last September, Tracy Ehler’s father suffered a brain aneurism that left him in the hospital for 46 days. Ehler– a new mom to twins– found herself in need of emergency child care. So she brought her kids to Crisis Nursery.

“They were there for me,” Ehler says. “It was as simple as a phone call.”

After her father recovered, Ehler began to think of ways to express her gratitude.

So she created a book drive to benefit the nursery.

“It just seemed like a really great opportunity to be able to give back,” says Ehler.

Ehler took to Facebook and added her friends to a page. She shared with them her goal of donating 300 books. And asked for their help.

One of those friends was Callie Hopper, who helped Ehler partner with Usborne Books & More. The publishing company agreed to match the group’s donations with 550 dollars. =As a result, the team was able to donate over 400 books.

“Tracy’s heart to give is so beautiful,” says Hopper. “To be a part of something like this… is just so amazing.”

Ashley Morgan of Crisis Nursery says the non-profit will put the books on shelves in age appropriate sections of the nursery.

But she’s particularly glad this donation will help every child feel welcome.

That’s because the books don’t just vary in age ranges— they vary in languages, subject matter, and represent a diverse range of characters.

“In these times we really want to make sure that we’re being inclusive and keeping it very diverse,” says Morgan. “We want kids that come into the nursery to see people that look like them, people that don’t look like them, so that when kiddos come here they really feel included and that their background is really represented here.”

Want to donate? It’s not too late! You can order books for Crisis Nursery through THIS wishlist.

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