Bobcat treated at University of Illinois Wildlife Clinic


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

There was a 30 pound adult male bobcat that came to the University of Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic earlier this month.

He was brought to a veterinarian by an IDNR Conservation officer after suspectedly being hit by a car. That doctor, a former volunteer in the WMC, did the initial evaluation & stabilization for the animal & worked to transport him to the WMC for additional diagnostics and care. He made the 3-hour transport from Macomb to us, where our students received him & continued his stabilization & care. Given the extent of his known injuries, we performed an ultrasound and CT scan to better understand his injuries & make our surgical plan. The effort was massively collaborative, involving students in the Wildlife Medical Clinic as well as specialists in our ZooMed, Radiology, Emergency & Critical Care, Clinical Pathology, and Orthopedic Surgery services. We even recruited the Director of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and U of I Facilities to help us identify and modify housing to ensure he could be safely cared for without injury to himself or our students! In the end, our tests showed us he was masking several significant and life-threatening injuries in addition to his hip fracture, including a ruptured gall bladder, gun shot, and a blood disorder.

Unfortunately, all of his problems in concert meant survival was extremely unlikely. We highlight the case as it is just one example of the extraordinary care we provide local wildlife. While this case did end in us putting the bobcat down, we did everything we could to advocate for this animal and ensure he had the best of the best working to help him. His case allowed our students and our specialists a chance to learn and push the boundaries of veterinary medicine; he will forever hold a place in our hearts as a result.

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