Bloodline: Check out this chess-like board game created by Monticello high schoolers


Monticello, Ill. (WCIA).

Three friends at Monticello High School have gone from 12th grade students to young entrepreneurs through the creation of their board game company, Euclid Games.

Briggs Fultz, Cassidy Marcum, and Jacob Boss are like any group of high school seniors. Bored one day in math class, the friends decided to get creative in order to pass the time.  

“Briggs and I– we had made a chess game on a piece of paper and would pass it back and forth,” Boss says. “And then eventually Cassidy got into it and we would all take turns playing.”

They named the game Bloodline and had so much fun playing it they decided others should be able to join in too.

Fultz joined an entrepreneurship class at Monticello High School called The Sangamon Valley CEO program. Through the class, the group was able to build a prototype for the game and eventually package and sell it.

The objective of the chess-like game is to capture your enemy’s royalty pieces.

“So in chess, you win the game when you capture the king,” Boss says. “In our game, you win when you capture the king, the queen, and the princess.”

But unlike chess, this game requires a fair amount of social strategy.

“We definitely spend at least half of the time arguing and trying to convince players of what their moves should be than actually moving our players. There’s a lot of communication that comes from it,” Boss says.

And the students say it’s all to bring back some old school fun. Fultz, Marcum, and Boss hope that Bloodline will help people break away from technology and re-connect with friends and family

“We noticed a lot of high schoolers our age, like they don’t talk face to face as much,” Fultz says. “We’ve tried our best to not be that way and we’ve found board games to be a good way to go about that.”

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