Backyard Beauty: “Cultivate Joy through Flowers, Art, & Self-Care”


White Heath, Ill. (WCIA)

Megan Murphy, Owner of Backyard Beauty, shares more on her 2.5 acre flower farm and how she grows medicinal plants for crafting body and skin care products.

Here’s more from Megan:

My work with plants is enabling me to craft body and skin care products that support one’s body, mind, and spirit. One important thing that viewers should know is the central role that their gut’s health plays on their overall well-being. Did you know that serotonin – the important chemical that influences cognition, mood, memory, & sleep – is made in the gut? This reinforces that what one eats impacts their mind, not just their physical body and that “Food (CAN be) Medicine”. Backyard Beauty offers plant-based products that can help individuals maintain and restore their gut’s health.

Be sure to check out how Megan demonstrates how to make your own ‘digestive aid’ tincture at home using apple cider vinegar, honey, & dried thyme. This tincture is helpful to take after a meal & helps the body in absorbing nutrients.

Backyard Beauty offers a vision to “Cultivate Joy through Flowers, Art, & Self-Care”
Our aim is to support individuals on their journeys of self-empowered wellness and to do this with the beauty and gifts of plants. So, we are not ‘just’ an organic flower farm – we grow the ingredients we need for our wellness products and we celebrate their beauty along the way.

Backyard Beauty’s online shop can be accessed from

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