Answering three common questions about gut health with Atlas Genetics


Val Prisecaru of Atlas Health knows that, when it comes to your health, as goes the gut…so goes the rest of the body. Recently, Val stopped by to answer a few “gut health” questions:

1.  How do you know your might have an unhealthy gut?

Food intolerances, frequent upset stomach, frequent constipation or diarrhea, obesity, bad diet (esp. high in sugar or fried foods), sleep issues, depression, chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions are very associated with an unhealthy gut.

2.  How do you improve gut health?

Exercise, relaxation / fun, chewing your food slower, intermittent fasting, digestive enzymes like bromelain and lipase, more sleep, taking prebiotics, and eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. 

3.  Can good gut health improve my chances against Covid-19?

The jury’s still out, but the majority of your immune cells are in your gut, so it only makes sense. Following the suggestions above is probably good not only against viruses but against pathogenic bacteria and a multitude of chronic diseases too.  

A recent journal article came out (Wanglong Gou et al., 2020) connecting levels of certain gut bacteria to severity of Covid-19.  Atlas Genetics can check for that.

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