Air-Fried Beef Spring Rolls with Happy, Healthy, Hapa


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Janice Yucel, Creator of Happy, Healthy, Hapa, joins us with a look at how she creates her amazing spring rolls!

Here’s more from Janice:

My blog is focused on Korean, Turkish & some American recipes. The recipes featured on the blog are primarily family recipes with a few others that my husband and I tinkered with on our own.

We both worked in restaurants for about a decade. (My husband used to manage the kitchens of Pasha & Mezzaluna if you remember those restaurants at Village at the Crossing in Champaign. Some of those recipes will be showing up as well!) Both of our moms are extremely talented cooks who are well-known for their abilities in their respective circles and taught us both so much.

I’ve always had a lifelong goal of documenting my mom’s recipes. As I thought of how to do this over the years, the idea expanded after I got married and learned more about Mediterranean cooking from my husband and mother-in-law as well.

My background is in media and marketing so I’m well suited to gather this info and put it out into the world. And it is really fun for me because it’s a subject I’m passionate about. If I could have picked my career trajectory after college, it would have been in food media.

I grew up in Mahomet, IL and graduated from the U of I with my Bachelor’s and Master’s in news-editorial journalism. I now live in Raleigh where I’ve been for the past 8 years. I work as a marketing consultant specializing in paid media and content production.

The vast majority of the recipes on the blog are going to be quite healthy. We cook with lots of veggies and whole foods. It’s important for us to put food on the table that tastes good, but also offers some time of nutritional benefit, something we also learned from our moms.

There is also a section of the blog that explores the nutrional benefits of food – along the lines of “food is medicine.”

The blog is still relatively new and I have a huge list of recipes I’m working on. I try to get at least 3 up per week.

There are so many wonderful food blogs out there! Mine is focused on a unique blend of cuisine that exists in our multicultural, hapa home.

Hapa means of mixed ethnic background, but usually refers to people of mixed Asian descent. My mom is Korean, my father is American (from C-U area) and my husband is Turkish.

If viewers are interested they can sign up for recipe updates on the website.

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