5 reasons to train your upper body with Sweat Practice’s Maria Ludeke


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Maria Ludeke, Owner of Sweat Practice, is back with her top tips on training your upper body.

Women frequently avoid upper body training in fear of bulking up. However it simply will not happen, women have 10% of the testosterone men have and do not build muscle in the same way. It’s a mistake to skip upper body. Training your arms, back, and chest have tremendous benefits.

5 Reasons to Train Your Upper Body:

Build Bone Mass: Strengthening muscle strengthens bone, preventing osteoporosis and risks of injury like bone fractures.

Build Connective Tissue: Ligaments, tendons, and cartilage hold your bones together. Strength training helps prevent these joints from becoming unstable and reducing risk of injury in your neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and spine.

Build Self Confidence: Lifting weights has been proven to boost self esteem and body image more than gentle exercise like walking. Being strong empowers both your mind and your body.

Every Day Tasks Become Easier: Moving furniture, picking up boxes, carrying all the grocery bags in one trip. Life gets easier as you get stronger.

Burn More Calories: Lean muscle boosts your metabolism, the more muscle you have the more fat you burn when you’re sitting on the couch.

Try including these upper body moves to strength your biceps, shoulders, chest and back.

Isolated Bicep Curl
Rotational Overhead Press

We want to offer as much individual attention and connection to our viewers as possible. By showing up at the same time on zoom, we keep each other accountable and create a strong community. It’s easier to work hard when we’re doing it together.

Sweat Practice is a virtual gym that offers personal training and live group fitness classes everyday of the week. We are an inclusive community that helps you stay motivated and accountable to your wellness goals from the comfort of your home.

We currently offer 13 LIVE classes a week. We have a mix of strength training, mobility, yoga, stretching, and meditation. We seek to foster an inclusive community where everyone can feel welcome. Drop in classes are $5 and an unlimited monthly membership is $36. Free membership options available in our FITNESSforALL program. Visit our website www.sweatpractice.com for more details.

Your first class is FREE with code CILIVING. If you’re looking to begin training your upper body, we have a 30 minute class called ARM STRONG on Tuesdays 12-12:30pm CT! The full schedule can be seen on www.sweatpractice.com

Can’t make class? Check out our recordings on our website. We have over 100 classes available at all times.

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