Your Dime: Fee vs Value


Champaign, IL (WCIA) Finding value in your financial advisor

Fees: All investments have some sort of fee, whether its expense ratios, commissions for making trades, load fees, a wrap fee, or rider fee inside of an annuity

Financial advisors only get paid to do one thing and that is give investment advice. That can come in a few different forms, advising you into certain mutual funds and they could be getting paid a commission on some sort of loaded mutual fund, they could charge you a fee to make trades inside of your account, they could charge you a wrap fee to manage their accounts, or they could get paid a commission for advising you on purchasing a life insurance or annuity product.

They could build an income plan for you. They could help you with tax planning and making sure your investments are as tax efficient as possible. In our office we keep a couple CPAs on retainer to leverage for any tax questions our clients may have, as well as keeping an attorney on retainer to use for any estate planning questions. None of these extras, we get paid for. We are solely paid to give investment advice and bring all of these extras to our clients to add value.

If they can get customers to focus only on fees, then they don’t have to bring any real value. In our office we focus on bringing value. As an extra value add for all of those out there watching they can get a complimentary copy of The Retirement Roadmap by going to and scrolling down the page to get their free copy.


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