Decatur, Ill. (WCIA)

The mission of Soy City Sleepovers is to help create EXPERIENCES.

We can become distracted by toys, video games, our phones and lose the opportunity to CONNECT with each other

It’s important to tap into our creative side and share that with others

  • share time
  • share moments
  • share experiences

In terms of the sleepover, Soy City Sleepovers will talk out what your dream sleepover looks like and then we will create the final look, and Soy City Sleepovers will do ALL the work – set up and take down the next day.

It’s really important that the kids are engaged with one another in a way that they aren’t when they are on phones or tablets.

When a group of friends walk into a room and see the individual tents and mattresses set up just for them – it’s magical.

Soy City Sleepovers has created Glow Sleepovers, Winter Wonderland Sleepovers, Dinosaur Sleepovers, Jungle Sleepovers, Safari Sleepovers, Easter Bunny Sleepovers, Sports sleepovers, Gamer sleepovers, Encanto inspired sleepovers, spa sleepovers, and we are doing our first sound bath experience this Sunday.

We are also SUPER EXCITED to share that we are now offering Luxury Picnics.

These can be for children who aren’t old enough for a sleepover OR they can be for ADULTS because adults need to share special moments too.

In fact, we have a Hocus Pocus 2 premiere party booked for some ladies in their 30s as a special girls’ night in October.

Soy City Sleepovers wants to support in-person connections. Connections with friends, family, partners – who ever is special to you

We spend a lot of money on things but Soy City Sleepovers wants to see you invest in experiences that will leave you with memories and long lasting relationships.

We partner with small businesses whenever we can. From purchasing the late night snacks, dry-cleaning, partnering with other businesses offering floral addons, charcuterie boards, party favors, desserts, and marketing with Cass Concepts that sponsors WCIA My Town segments.