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G-EIGHT Indie Game Show Returns: Unveiling Over 150 Indie Games for Gamers Worldwide

2023 G-EIGHT Indie Game Show

The 2nd G-EIGHT Indie Game Show will be held from December 8 to 10, 2023 at EXPO Dome in Taipei, Taiwan.

An iconic event in Asia with five main exhibition zones joined by game development studios and publishers from Japan, South Korea, China, and the United States

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- "Born From Gamers, Make For Gamers" G-EIGHT Indie Game Show, also known as G8 Game Show, made its debut last year, the goal for the exhibition is to become an iconic event for indie games in Asia.

This year, more than 150 games are expected to be displayed by local Taiwan studios in Taiwan, as well as game development studios and publishers from Japan, South Korea, China, and the United States.

Over 100 indie game development studios will participate in this year's event. The exhibitors include Red Candle Games "NINE SOLS", Shieldbreaking Games "StormEdge", Cup Dog Games "Rubinite", buho game "Chef Chen", Cicada Games "Isles of Sea and Sky", 7QUARK "Yasha: Legends of the Demon Blade", BearBone Studio "Minds Beneath Us", Panty Parrot "The Arrogant Kaiju Princess and The Detective Servant", and solo developer,LPOMC "LonaRPG" etc., will be bringing their latest work!

In addition to indie studios, indie game publishers from all over the world will also participate in the exhibition, including Taiwan local game publishers Mango Party, EROLABS, US indie game publisher Devolver Digital, Japan indie game publishers PLAYISM and make.ctrl.Japan, and the China Indie Game Alliance (CiGA).

Corporate Exhibitors include:
● JUSTDAN: Quit Today, Rabi-Ribi Platinum Editio, Shogun Showdown, etc.
● NEXON: Blue Archive
● The King Pork: House of Scale
● Gamebase: Voice Love on Air, Timeout Bistro, INCANTATION and Tales of three kingdoms: The mortal world
● Ninth Games: Master of Vtuber
● GAME'NIR: ProX Legend7Ds 7th Generation Dual Drive Engine Wireless Game Controller Experience

Other corporate exhibitors include Magic: The Gathering, 17 Live, NEXON, Devolver Digital and more. Adult companies will also showcase their latest adult game lineups, including Homunculus Studio, Hide Games, BOKIBOKI GAMES, Playmeow & ACG creator, and MuraMura.
In addition, to support local indie games in Taiwan, game publisher JUSTDAN is cooperating with the G-EIGHT to set up the "JUSTDAN Indie Game Sponsorship Award".

The award provides a development funding total of NTD $300,000 and publishing contracts to support indie developers without publisher. The ultimate goal is to help these teams succeed in the industry, by providing them with the resources they need to turn their games into international hits. Don't miss out on the three-day exciting events! For further details, please visit the official website.

Fay Chen

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