Paxton, Ill. (WCIA) —

“We are out of shovels, only a couple snow blowers left, its just been going crazy,” Scott Allen, owner of Paxton Hardware and Rental, said.

With the harsh winter weather we’ve had this week, shovels, salt, and other snow necessities have flown off the shelves. Stores all around Central Illinois are having a snow supplies shortage, and some stores say they may not get a shipment of new stuff, until next winter.

WCIA called multiple stores in towns all around Central Illinois. Most said if they weren’t out of everything, they had limited supplies left.

Paxton Hardware and Rental was almost over stocked with shovels until the snow storm hit on Monday. Now, he has no shovels and limited snow blowers and ice melt. He says because the storm and Covid, the companies that supply them with the winter supplies, are also having shipping problems.

“We were doing fine, and I thought we had enough ice melt to get by for the rest of the season two weeks ago,” Allen said.

He said another big item sold was heat tape for pipes. The store has since re-ordered, but they’re not sure if what they ordered will come in before winter ends.

Stores all over Central Illinois have been sold out or have low supplies. If you are in need of a shovel, snow blower, or another item, it may be easier calling rather than checking multiple stores.