Hundreds of jobs available, especially in manufacturing


Danville, Ill. (WCIA) —

“Hopefully when these things get back to normal it will help people be able to get back to work,” Tim Dudley with Vermilion Advantage said.

At the beginning of the pandemic, people were losing their jobs, but now there’s an abundance of jobs available in one Central Illinois city. Vermilion Advantage is encouraging people to take a look at their job board. There are over a hundred listings.

Vermilion Advantage says a lot of the openings — are in manufacturing. Tim Dudley with Vermilion Advantage says these are nice, clean factories. He says they pay well and most have benefits. Manufacturing companies are ramping up production for seasonal operations, so there are a lot of jobs available.

Dudley says even though the government raised unemployment checks and gave stimulus money, those are bound to stop as things slowly return to normal.

“Eventually those kind of things are going to run out and these jobs will be gone, so I would encourage them to get out now and apply for these jobs,” Dudley said.

HE says there are also jobs available in retail, at restaurants, and more. He says manufacturing companies look for good workers. If Vermilion Advantage can provide them with that, then companies may expand in Danville. That would create a lot of new opportunities for the city.

For a look at the jobs, check out the link below:

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