Health officials say fake vaccination cards won’t work


Champaign-Urbana, Ill. (WCIA) —

“People who are trying to make fake vaccine cards, I would encourage them to get the vaccine,” Dr. Awais Vaid, with Champaign Urbana Public Health District, said.

He says that’s not just because the vaccine will protect you, but it will give you a real vaccination card and keep you out of trouble.

Scammers are selling fake cards online, but health officials say buying or making one right now is pointless. CUPHD says vaccination cards aren’t mandatory for anything right now, so faking one doesn’t do anything for you.

Right now, restaurants and other places can’t decline you if you don’t have the vaccine, but they did say in the future, the cards may be required for travel. By that point, they may have a way to make sure no fakes are going through.

CUPHD went on to say that health providers can look up in a database if you got the vaccine or not, so the card doesn’t do much.

“If a provider needs verification they will go and log in to the system and they will be able to easily tell if the person has been vaccinated or not,” Dr. Vaid said.

They also said to keep your card in a safe place and don’t post it on social media. They said don’t laminate it, because you may need a booster shot in the future. If you did, don’t worry. You can ask your provider for a new one.

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