Gibson City Residents React to Adam Kinzinger’s Vote to Impeach President Trump


Gibson City, Ill. (WCIA) —

People from Central Illinois are having mixed feelings about Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

Most people I talked to are upset because Kinzinger represents them, but they say his vote does not reflect their viewpoint.

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger was one of just 10 House Republicans to vote “yes” to impeach President Donald Trump.
The impeachment came after riots at the US Capitol.

“Not only has the president abdicated his duty to protect the American people, and the people’s house, he invoked and inflamed passions that only gave fuel the insurrection that we saw here,” Kinzinger said.

After the vote, Kinzinger released a statement saying, “This is not a vote I took lightly, but a vote I took confidently.”
He went on to say that it is sobering, but he is at peace with his decision.

But are the people he represents at peace with it?
We headed out to Gibson City, part of Kinzinger’s District, to hear what they had to say.
Some agreed with him, like Arvarius Bogan.

“We already battling, like, race issues and he just like, put fuel on the fire that was already burning,” Bogan said.
He went on to say he was not surprised some republicans voted to impeach.

“He’s done a lot of disrespectful things and got a lot of people’s feathers ruffled,” Bogan said.

The majority of people I spoke with disagreed, including Steven Ebeling.
He believes what Kinzinger did was wrong.

“I didn’t like it and I don’t stand for it,” Ebeling said.

But his problem isn’t just with Kinzinger, it’s also with other Republicans who didn’t stand by the president.

“You got people who are just never Trumpers, you know, and they’re in the Republican party,” Ebeling said.

The impeachment trial now heads to the Senate, who are on recess until January 19th.
Two-thirds majority would have to vote yes to find President Trump guilty.

President Trump is now the only U.S. President to have been impeached twice.
He is one of three presidents to have been impeached.
This includes Bill Clinton in 1998 and Andrew Johnson in 1868.

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