Rivian has filed a patent application for a fold-out camp kitchen for its R1S electric SUV, hinting that the automaker is mulling expanding availability of this feature from the R1T pickup truck.

In the R1T, the camp kitchen slides out from the Gear Tunnel pass-through located behind the cab. The R1S doesn’t have this space, so the patent application, which was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Oct. 3, proposes having the camp kitchen deploy from the tailgate.

The Camp Kitchen has a cooktop and a sink that’s filled via a flexible hose. It also has 110- and 12-volt plugs, lighting, and drawers to store utensils and pots and pans. It’s made of three modules, any number of which can be removed to use the remaining space of the Gear Tunnel for other items.

Rivian R1S camp kitchen patent imageRivian R1S camp kitchen patent image

Based on the drawings accompanying the patent application, it looks like the camp kitchen would sit in the rear cargo area, with a fold-out work surface extending past the tailgate when it’s in use. That seems like a good setup for tailgate parties, but it also appears to cut into cargo space.

Automaker patents do not guarantee production, but considering that Rivian already offers a camp kitchen in the R1T, it would make sense to add this feature for the R1S as well.

Rivian R1S camp kitchen patent imageRivian R1S camp kitchen patent image

Rivian recently announced the start of deliveries of Dual-Motor versions of both the R1S and R1T, with up to 352 miles of EPA range with the default Large Pack. Unlike the Quad-Motor models, the Dual-Motor trucks are also available with the Max Pack, topping 400 miles of EPA range. Deliveries of the R1T with the Max Pack have already started, while deliveries of the R1S with that pack will begin later this fall.

Rivian’s third-quarter financial results also show that the automaker is accelerating EV production. It reported 16,304 vehicles produced and 15,564 delivered in Q3, the latter a 23% increase over the previous quarter. Rivian claims to be on track to achieve its goal of producing 52,000 vehicles this year.

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