Nissan continues to roll out new concepts as it gears up to launch 19 showroom-bound electric vehicles by 2030.

The latest is the Hyper Urban, a crossover that will make its formal debut on Oct. 25 at the 2023 Tokyo auto show. It is the first in a family of four concepts that will be presented together in Tokyo and preview design and technologies bound for Nissan’s upcoming production EVs.

The automaker did the same only two years ago, though the design of the Hyper Urban shares little with the earlier concepts. Nissan said the latest concepts are designed to make a “positive impact on the planet without compromising on style or fun.”

The Hyper Urban features proportions and graphics reminiscent of themes on the Ariya electric compact crossover, showing a potential evolution of Nissan’s current design language for EVs. There are also elements that are unlikely to make production, such as vertically opening doors similar to what you’ll find on a Lamborghini supercar.

Nissan Hyper Urban conceptNissan Hyper Urban concept

For the interior, the designers have attempted to create a relaxing lounge-like ambience. This is contrasted with the bright and colorful dash that was inspired by kaleidoscopic triangles.

Nissan hasn’t provided any technical specifications for the concept but said the vehicle features bidirectional charging. This allows it to act as energy storage for a home, enabling it to charge up at off-peak times when electricity rates are low (or better yet using solar power), and then discharge at peak times when electricity rates are higher.

Nissan has also designed the concept with sustainability in mind. The automaker said hardware and software updates will keep the vehicle fresh over many years. An example of this is the ability to swap out the dash to equip the latest in infotainment or user interface technology.

Nissan remains quiet on what its future EV portfolio will look like, though a range of crossovers and possibly a sedan or two is likely for the U.S. A pickup truck for the U.S. is reportedly also under consideration.

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