With a starting price of $340,000, the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq is already among the most expensive cars you can buy from a non-exotic brand. However, the Celestiq offered in the latest edition of retailer Neiman Marcus‘ annual Christmas catalog takes things to a much higher level.

Known as the Commissioned by Cadillac Carmen Celestiq, the one-off example is priced at an eye-watering $975,000.

The price includes a two-day trip to Detroit to enjoy artistic and culinary experiences in the city, as well as a visit to Cadillac’s design headquarters to meet with the Celestiq’s design team. The buyer will also visit the site at General Motors’ sprawling Technical Center in nearby Warren where Celestiq production is handled, and to see the one-off example being built.

Cadillac said it will also donate $25,000 of the proceeds to the Detroit Opera House.

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Neiman Marcus hasn’t detailed the specification of the vehicle, apart from it featuring the Celestiq’s advanced technologies, including a 55.0-inch dash-wide digital display, a four-panel glass roof that enables the driver and passengers to individually set the level of transparency, a 38-speaker AKG sound system, and the first application of GM’s Ultra Cruise automated driver-assist feature that is promised to handle most driving duties on 95% of U.S. roads.

The Celestiq is a flagship electric vehicle based on GM’s Ultium EV technology and battery set. It features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain rated at 600 hp and a 111-kwh battery that is expected to deliver approximately 300 miles of range. Thanks to support for charging at up to 200 kw, it will be possible to add close to 80 miles of range in 10 minutes of charging when using a DC fast charger.

Deliveries of the Celestiq are scheduled to start next spring. Production is limited, and Cadillac is thought to have the capacity to build just 500 per year.

The first Celestiq buyers were invited to specific their cars last summer. All Celestiq buyers will have a concierge on call, as well as access to a Cadillac designer to help them arrive at their ideal configuration. As a result, no two Celestiqs are expected to be the same. Cadillac hasn’t provided details on what personalization options will be available, apart from the return of the Cadillac goddess logo for parts of the vehicle’s exterior and cabin.

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