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Hyundai this week released details of Hyundai Home, a service that allows EV owners to shop home charging, solar, and energy storage hardware through one website.

Announced in 2021 as a home-energy ecosystem, Hyundai Home is now available in 16 states, according to an announcement during the 2022 Los Angeles auto show. Hyundai said the service will be overseen by dealerships in those states, with assistance from partner company Electrum.

Hyundai HomeHyundai Home

Hyundai Home seems to be primarily an aggregator of home charging stations, solar panels, and energy-storage systems that customers can purchase in one go. It also provides three bids for each installation drawn from Electrum’s network of electricians. Electrum will also provide “energy advisors” to walk customers through the process, Hyundai said.

This might prove a great solution for consumers overwhelmed by the vast number of potential combinations of home-energy hardware, but what’s missing from Hyundai Home so far is hardware that addresses the off-the-grid capability of Hyundai’s E-GMP platform. Vehicles based on this platform, such as the Ioniq 5, are equipped for bidirectional charging, theoretically allowing them to discharge power into a home energy storage system as backup power when needed.

Hyundai HomeHyundai Home

Ford, by contrast, is selling what F-150 Lightning owners need to power their home in a blackout, although that system doesn’t take advantage of the grid-assisting capabilities of bidirectional charging quite yet. The Nissan Leaf for years had the hardware for bidirectional charging, which was available in other markets, but Nissan only recently approved a bidirectional charger for the U.S. Leaf. The automaker claims it can lessen stress on the grid by allowing EVs to smooth out fluctuations in demand.

That isn’t the only piece of the Hyundai EV push yet to come in the U.S. It’s hinted at a broadened subscription for its Ioniq EVs. But like Hyundai Home, these things may flesh out as the EV lineup fills out. The Ioniq 6 sedan is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2023, followed by the Ioniq 7 SUV in 2024.

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