Vanessa Le

I’m absolutely in love with the work and the team environment at WCIA!

I graduated from Illinois State University and Augustana College with a master’s degree in Communication and a bachelor’s degree in Business. During my time in school, I had a few job positions with university offices that involved managing, creating, and publishing content for different digital platforms. 

This is my first official job so I can’t wait to grow from everything that I will be able to learn at WCIA. I’m very passionate about what I do, so I’m very much looking forward to devoting my time and efforts to create great content for! I lived in Bloomington-Normal for two years and just recently moved to Champaign. So when I’m not working on writing stories, it’s very likely that people will find me walking down the street exploring the city and trying out all types of food that they have in town! Food is the inspiration of my life.

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