Maggie Hockenberry

Maggie is an alum of Eastern Illinois University and this job is a dream come true! She has wanted to be a television personality since she was a little girl. She joined the WCIA news team in July of 2014 as a news reporter and is currently the Media Manager. Maggie is native of Illinois and her hometown is Peotone. She loves central Illinois and she is happy with the challenge of exploring the Champaign-Urbana area.

Maggie got her degree from EIU in Journalism. While she was taking classes she was also able to work at WEIU-TV, a PBS affiliate, as a news reporter and a news anchor. It was a great opportunity for her to get her feet wet in the world of broadcasting. Maggie still feels like she learns something new everyday.

In August of 2018 Maggie took on a new challenge of becoming the Media Manager. She now plans the day to day coverage for the reporters and photograpahers. She still anchors the noon news each day. She does admit she misses the hustle and bustle of being out in the field, but enjoys the planning and organizing side of managemement. 

Maggie is happily married to her dance partner Jordan who she met in her ballroom dance class at EIU. Maggie loves to travel, there are so many places in the world to see and people to meet. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Life in the news world is hectic so if there is a chance to bake a batch of cookies and curl up on the couch with an old movie she is there. Another passion is shopping, building her television wardrobe is essential.

Maggie is always looking for new stories for her team so contact her anytime with an idea or just to say hello!

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