Lyndsay Jones

Lyndsay is an alum of both Indiana University and the newspaper industry. 

Her first job was reporting K-12 education news for the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette. Journalism takes many forms these days, however, so she jumped into digital writing and reporting for WCIA after working at the newspaper and its affiliated radio stations for nearly two years. She believes that no matter what form it takes, every day spent doing journalism is a day well spent — and is a day living a dream she first had when she was around 8 years old. 

Lyndsay is a Hoosier by birth and by degree, having attended Indiana University. While taking classes at IU, Lyndsay worked a number of service-related jobs, including delivery driving for a Chinese restaurant, waiting tables at both fine dining and chain restaurants, among others. As a result, she is one of those people who believes everyone should have to spend at least one year working in retail or food service.

Prior to moving to the Champaign-Urbana area in 2018, Lyndsay spent 10 weeks working for a weekly newspaper in Nashville, Indiana; a year doing newsletter writing and creating social media content for a Bloomington-area nonprofit, as well as working as a volunteer reporter at a community radio station (also in Bloomington). 

Outside of her work, other interests include hiking, reading, dog-walking, thrift shopping and collecting records. 

Send her trail recommendations, FOIA ideas and story tips. 

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