Jennifer Jensen

Jennifer Jensen came from Los Angeles to join the WCIA team in January 2017. If you ask her, it’s the best decision she’s ever made.

She was born and raised in Oregon and spent her college days in California. As a west coast native, her fondest memories of home include camping by the waterfalls in Yosemite and climbing the mountains along the Columbia River. But for her, reporting the news is just as thrilling as all those adventures. Now she’s made a new home in central Illinois. 

In college, she interned with CBS/KCAL9 where she was part of undercover assignments in the investigative unit and contributed to stories that pointed a spotlight on government corruption. She also worked with the news desk at TMZ, helping to break the biggest stories in celebrity and entertainment news. If you’ve seen the show, she can tell you first-hand it’s as hectic and crazy as you pictured it. 

Jennifer is living out her dream as a reporter, combining her creativity with a passion for telling stories. As a kid, she would sit on the floor in front of the TV and watch the local news. Now, years later, she’s made a career out of being a part of it. 

Behind the scenes she is an adrenaline junkie and loves a good thrill, from skydiving to white water rafting and everything in between. In her free time you can find her camping, road-tripping, and singing along to Elvis Presley and John Denver. 

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