Jack Gerfen

Jack’s interest in weather and desire to become a meteorologist goes all the way back to fifth grade.  On the first day of the weather segment in science class, he learned about tornadoes.  Later that evening, Jack had to go into the basement because severe thunderstorms rolled through suburban Detroit.  That instantly sparked Jack’s interest in weather that would lead him to KEYC News 12 in Mankato, Minnesota from October 2012 to WCIA 3 in late July of 2015.

Always interested in science, Jack attended Valparaiso University and graduated with a B. S. in Meteorology with minors in Mathematics and Communications alongside friend and future co-worker, Lisa Meadows.  While at Valpo, Jack was a member of a variety of groups.  He was in two summer storm chases for the Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team.  He took weathercasting from GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee of ABC’s Good Morning America and was a member of Valparaiso University Television.  He interned at WDIV in Detroit, Michigan.

Being from Michigan, Jack enjoys being outdoors and on the water.  He’s a lifelong swimmer and used to coach various teams in his city as well as for the YMCA and USA Swimming.  And having been raised in Motown, he is a big car guy and loves to cruise.  Jack is the station’s biggest Star Wars fan, and of course loves the movie Twister!  Feel free to get in touch with him about weather or chat about cars!

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