Christy Jankowski

Christy Jankowski joined the WCIA digital team on primary election day, 2022.

Previously, Christy worked as a freelance journalist covering local government, education, human interest pieces, and event coverage in the Piatt county area for two local weeklies: Piatt County Journal Republican and the Southern Piatt Record-Herald. 

Christy was born and raised in central Illinois. She attended Cerro Gordo High School, where she graduated in 2005. She also attended Richland Community College and the University of Illinois at Springfield. 

Christy is a widow of an Army Veteran and has a teenage son. She loves spending time with her little family when she is not reporting or photographing. Her son is involved in marching and concert band, drama, and boy scouts, and he has two cats named Albus Dumbledore and Ron Weasley, whom he adores. They spend time doing various activities and love it when they get a night to binge-watch their favorite shows and order copious amounts of junk food. 

Christy began writing from an early age. Her first significant job was teaching overseas in South Korea, where she taught middle school Literature at the Amerasian Christian Academy in Dongducheon, S. Korea as well as conversational English to adults. When learning to read, her dad gave her a newspaper to read after she was bored of the books her mom would read. She watched the local news and the Illini play as a child with her parents.

She is an avid Cubs fan and will tell anyone the Cubbies are much more than their losses. Plus, they did win the World Series Championship in 2016, and Wrigley Field is the best baseball field in the country. Perhaps, there lies her only bias. 

This fall, she is publishing her first novel with a pseudonym. It is very different from her news writing, so stay tuned!!

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