DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — If you’re heading to the Farm Progress Show this week, you might want to make the Illinois College of ACES booths one of your stops.

ACES is ready to show visitors what it offers and wants to educate you about the ecology behind your outdoor space stretching from farm fields to backyards.

Some of that starts with a pollinator garden Chris Enroth, a horticulture educator, put together. He hopes it shows farmers ways to incorporate ecology into their fields, as well as good weed and pest management into their farms.

“The idea is that we have something in here for all seasons,” Enroth said. “Spring, summer, fall, and even some winter out there too. Hopefully, someone sees something that they like, puts that plant in their garden and we can get some pollinators or beneficial insects.”

He said some of the benefits include creating a predator-prey balance. That means attracting insects like butterflies, bees and flies all in an effort to kill unwanted pests that attack crops.