DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — You can say the love these brothers have for each other is off the charts.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, probably a 57,” said 10-year old Caidyn Kilbury.

But it’s the love their grandparents have for them that’s kept them together.

Cary and Ashley Lane started dating in 2015. Two years later, Cary’s daughter was losing her battle with a drug addiction. Her children, Caidyn, Jayce, and Breighton needed a foster home.

“It was no hesitation,” Ashley Lane remembered. “I would rather them be here with family than anywhere else.”

“They love us and how I know they love us is because why would they take us in?” said the oldest of the brothers.

Cary’s daughter got pregnant again and once again this home and the couples’ arms were open.

“When she had the fourth one Ashley said, ‘I can’t raise three of them and they ask me why you didn’t bring our other little brother in?'”

“They’re all my little boys, every last one of them are,” said Ashley.

Even more special for Ashley? Three years ago she found out she couldn’t have children.

“I never had the opportunity to give birth myself but I’ve got the opportunity to be a mom. And that’s the best part.”

7 year old Jayce said the best part of living here was simple.

“I get to play with my friends and ride my bike and do school.”

10-year old Caidyn didn’t have to think long.

“We get three meals a day instead of two and it’s easier to breathe and there are people to play with. When we was in the house there was so much smoking and so much smoke it was hard to breathe.”

Cary explained, “That’s what they needed, stability. The stability they have now compared to what they had in the past is like night and day.”

The Lanes finally got a court date to make the adoption official but they were worried the pandemic would delay things down more than it already had with slow paperwork. They prayed hard the Vermilion County courthouse wouldn’t be shut down again.

Finally in August, three years after they took in the boys, they had their Adoption Day. It was a celebration, but also a sad reminder of why it happened.

“I miss my daughter and her not being a part of their life.”

Ashley chimed in, “That’s the worst part of it. The boys miss her. We miss her. But one day we all be together. God works in mysterious ways and time heals all.”

But until then, this family has each other.

“I wanted to be a mom so bad and now I can be so they’re my little blessing.”

“I couldn’t do this without her. I couldn’t have kept all my grandkids together if it wasn’t for Ashley.”